the-find-reno-decorIf your bedside table is a jumbled mess of books, hand lotion and an old alarm clock, we’re here with a little inspiration. Whip things into stylish, functional shape with these six simple tips.

Light it Up

Task lighting is important come bedtime, whether you’re reading or just dimming brighter lights to start winding down. A slim, shapely lamp design will complement almost any table aesthetic, but you might also consider a wall-mounted sconce. You’ll add light without sacrificing limited surface space.

Add a Little Life

Fresh flowers add brightness, freshness and pop, but if you’re the low (or no) maintenance type, you can fake that organic touch with a really great faux. Check out our faux succulents and orchids for a permanent addition to your bedside table.

little-silver-catch-alls-the-find-renoShowcase your Jewelry

A shallow dish on your bedside table is the perfect place to stash your favorite jewelry while you sleep. Opt for something special, like our silver catch-alls, which will stand alone, too.

Mix It and Match It

A balanced display full of interest is easy when you incorporate items of varying shapes and sizes. Remember the rules of three, and here’s a pro tip – stacked books are a great way to add height.

Don’t be Afraid to Layer

Make your bedside table décor seem effortless with a bit of layering. A lamp or flowers in front of a larger piece of artwork, or something bigger tucked behind a smaller item will add charm and character.

Think in Color

A coordinated color palette that complements your bedroom’s furniture and bedding can really pull things together. Find a base color and work from there.

Incorporating something personal, like a framed photo of loved ones, is another sweet touch. And don’t forget the clock!

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