the-find-reno-throw-pillowsThrow pillows are an instant way to change up a room, and you might be surprised at the different looks you can pull off with just a few pillows. Here are some tips from The Find in Reno for decorating with throw pillows, no matter what kind of style you’re after.

Pillow Size & Shape

Throw pillows come in standard shapes, like squares and rectangles, and standard sizes. The bigger the pillow (think 24 inches x 24 inches), the more casual and lounge-y the affect.

the-find-reno-pillowsPillow Fill & Texture

The squishiest pillows will have a feather and down fill, and they tend to be the priciest too. Stiffer pillows with foam and other synthetic materials will hold their shape well, but they’ll offer a different aesthetic. Different fabrics – think linen, silk, even sequins and leather – will add warmth and interest. Plus, textured pillows have a bit of traction, so they aren’t sliding onto the floor.

A Modern Look

To achieve a modern aesthetic, opt for an odd number of pillows on the larger side – the better to show off beautiful patterns. Keep your color palette limited, and try incorporating large geometric prints.

the-find-reno-throw-pillows-2A Traditional Look

Symmetry is part of the traditional aesthetic, so use pillows in sets. Pair a large square pillow with a smaller square or circle pillow, and opt for classic fabrics like velvet or silk. You can keep things lively with a nice mix of textures and colors, too. The key is pairing busy patterns with something simple to avoid getting overly fussy.

An Eclectic Look

For a casual, eclectic vibe, use three or five pillows (depending on your sofa size). It’ll look off-beat and asymmetrical without too much clutter. A mix of pillows in the same size will pull together the diversity. Don’t go too small with your pillows though, which can look a little sloppy. You can make a variety of fabrics and textures work if they have at least one color in common.

At The Find in Reno, we have a great selection of pillows in beautiful fabrics and patterns. Come in Thursday, Friday and Saturday to browse our throw pillow collection and see what else you can find.


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