Our inventory is always changing to keep you inspired. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask us! Our furniture options extend far beyond what we’re able to stock, and we’ll be happy to help you find just the right piece. The Find has the best Tables, Sofas, Sectionals, Comfy Beds, Dining Room Chairs, Bar Stools, Comfortable Recliners, Occasional Chairs, Lighting Fixtures and Home Decor at very reasonable prices.

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Tables - Best in Reno

From rustic to modern, round to rectangular, we offer fabulous dining tables to fit your family, your style and your space. For quality tables, shop The Find in Reno for high-quality and very stylish Tables.

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Sofas and Sectionals - Best in Reno

Choose luxury, style and comfort for your next sofa. We feature hundreds of fabric options for sofas of all sizes. For relaxing Sofas and comfortable Sectionals, The Find in Reno has many different selections at affordable prices.

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Comfy Beds - Best in Reno

Old world, contemporary and everything in between means you’ll find the perfect bed (and we have the perfect mattress, too). The Find has very comfortable Beds and relaxing mattresses at very reasonable prices.

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Best Dining Chairs & Bar Stools in Reno

Our chairs and bar stools come upholstered, in leather and in solid wood for seating that’s as distinctive as it is inviting. For the best Dining Chairs and comfortable bar stools in Reno and Northern Nevada, come by The Find and see the difference.

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Best Comfy Recliners in Reno

These aren’t your average recliners. And while leather is our favorite, our many, many fabric choices are a close second. If you want the best recliner or incredibly comfortable recliners in Reno, consider The Find. We specialize in Stylish Furniture across Northern Nevada.

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Occasional Chairs - Best in Reno

A statement piece or your favorite place to read and relax? Our occasional chairs, rich in comfort and character, can be both. The Find carries many comfortable occasional chairs, some are the best in Reno or anywhere!

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Lighting Fixtures - Reno's Best

Distinctive lighting options to perfectly complement your space. If you are looking in Reno for stylish and unique lighting fixtures, consider The Find for luxury and affordable lighting fixtures.

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Fine Reno Home Decor

Looking for decorative items? Shop our selection of mirrors, artwork, pottery, trays, clocks and much more for the perfect finishing touches. As Reno home decor goes, nobody knows fine home decor like The Find.  We promise you will find unique home decor at reasonable prices.

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