A place for everyone, and everyone in their place. That’s not quite how the saying goes, but the first part makes sense, especially during the holiday season. If you’re inviting the whole family over for a party or Christmas dinner, there should be a spot for everyone to get comfy. Here’s how to get savvy about seating this holiday season – and beyond.

oversized-ottoman-the-find-renoThe Cushion Count is a Thing

Look at your sofa. Can you count seat cushions? If so, the general rule is that your sofa seats the same number of people as it has seat cushions. If you’re looking at three cushions, you’re technically crowding your guests by assuming more than three people can sit together comfortably (and that they don’t mind sitting on a cushion crack!). Of course, that will depend on all kinds of variables, from the kind of party you’re throwing to the guests themselves, so don’t stress about it too much. A workaround next time you’re sofa shopping? Look for one with a bench cushion. Without cushion cracks to avoid, people are much more likely to squeeze in a little more closely.

the-find-reno-cozy-ottoman-seatingOttomans are the Great Room Workhorse

From stylish coffee table to extra seating when you need it, the oversized ottoman is wonderfully versatile. If you opt for smaller ottomans, you can tuck them away under other or in front of other pieces when you don’t need them, all the better for avoiding clutter.

Be Creative

Don’t assume all bean bag seating is created equal. From floor cushions to lounge seating, we love soft, oversized seating options for their casual, comfy style. And there’s always someone at the party looking to really spread out!

Occasional chairs, defined as a single chair that isn’t part of a set, work beautifully on their own. Whether a focal point or just a statement piece, the occasional chair is often a coveted spot when guests are choosing a place to sit.

Bench seating can be great too, with room for a crowd. If you have a bench in the foyer, make use of that extra seating and bring into the gathering space! We love this leather version for serious style.

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