The Find may be Reno’s best-kept secret for designer furnishings, but succulents? Believe it! We haven’t expanded into a nursery, but we are carrying the most fabulous faux succulent and orchid arrangements.


Faux plants and flowers can be tricky – some fakes scream 80s interior design – but we’ve found a wonderful manufacturer that can really pull them off.

Our faux succulent and orchid arrangements are stylish and perfect for spring. Check out our selection of sizes and options – there’s something for everyone!

Going faux with your plants is ideal in many situations:

  • You travel too much to take care of live plants.
  • You want to bring a little color and vitality to a darker area of your home.
  • Yfaux-orchid-the-find-renoou can’t keep plants alive, and you definitely can’t handle temperamental plants like orchids.

The beautiful little arrangement above will always look fresh and vibrant, and you’ll never have to worry about sunshine, water, or re-potting

And here’s a tip – the real giveaway that these arrangements aren’t the result of your green thumb? Dust! Keep your faux plants dust-free, and no one will ever know your secret.

Stop by The Find this Thursday, Friday and Saturday and snag a few succulents for your home. They’re really the perfect accessory.