Reno-Tahoe has its fair share of upscale furniture stores. But what kind of furniture makes it worth spending more for quality? Some are obvious – the sofa, a beautiful desk for your home office, a great kitchen or dining room table – but there are few more that may surprise you. One of the biggest considerations is whether you’re planning on staying put for the foreseeable future, or if a big move may be just down the road.

If that’s the case, be thoughtful about which pieces will be able to move with you. There are a handful of investment-worthy pieces that travel beautifully. They move seamlessly from one space to the next, reinventing themselves and adding to the overall aesthetic. Here are our top suggestions.

wood-and-metal-rustic-bed-frame-the-find-renoThe Bed Frame

Go big on the mattress – the best you can afford and your back will be grateful – but don’t skimp on the bed frame. It’s highly likely you’ll have it for at least a decade, and likely a few more.

Tips: Get something well built, and be clear about the style you love most. Something modern and upholstered? Something rustic, a blend of wood and iron? Something decorative and elaborate, or clean and simple? Fortunately, we have them all at The Find!

sideboard-the-find-rentThe Sideboard

Whether you call it the bar, the credenza or the sideboard, this is one of those grown-up, multifunctional pieces that will find an essential purpose in any home. In the living room, it’s a place to mix cocktails. In the dining room, it’s home to extra plates and flatware. Have a big enough space in the entry? small-sideboard-the-find-renoThis piece makes a beautiful statement and serves double duty as a catcall for keys and mail.

Tips: Again, go with something well built and a piece you find truly beautiful or noteworthy. Plenty of closed storage is always a bonus.

The Bench

Another workhorse piece, the bench can be amazingly versatile. It may seem like an accessory piece, but a good bench works well at the foot of a bed, as extra seating at the table, as a space filler against an imposing wall – the options go on. Benches play nicely with others, too – with coffee table books stacked atop it, or decorative boxes lined up below.

Tips: Go for solid wood and, if possible, avoid anything with a back, which decreases its ability to serve different functions. Double check those joints, too – you want something durable.

cart-the-find-renoThe Wild Card

When you’re lucky enough to stumble across something you absolutely adore – an incredible armoire with the most beautiful lines, or the most perfect fuzzy ottoman – go for it. Any piece that you can’t stop thinking about – the kind that makes you gleefully happy – will be able to find the perfect home with you wherever you go.

Tips: Make sure you’re in love with this piece – not just like!

Now that you’re excited to go shopping for these furniture pieces that will move with you wherever you go, where should you go? Reno-Tahoe’s upscale furniture boutiques (like The Find, of course!) will have beautiful, unusual furniture items that you just won’t find in the discount stores or the big box stores. Skip the chains and hit up the upscale furniture boutiques – when you’re looking for something truly special, those are your best bet.